We provide detailed consultations for homeowners or organizations who are looking to upgrade their site with a beautiful and functional native plant garden/landscape. Consultation is a great choice for those who are willing to do the on-the-ground work themselves but need a hand getting started.

 How It Works

1) In Our Nature will meet up with you on site to discuss your goals/desires and how we can get the most out of your space. Make sure to bring a pen and paper as we will discuss many ideas for your site. Consultation is $85 plus mileage costs and generally last about an hour. If you choose to sign a design contract with us, then this fee will act as a credit towards the project.

2) If you would prefer to do the on-the-ground work yourself, then we can provide you with a resource package. This package includes helpful information to help get you started on your project. The package includes:

  • Detailed list of native plants appropriate to your site conditions

  • List of trusted local native plant suppliers

  • Resources to help you plan, create and care for your wildlife friendly landscape

    The resource package is an additional fee and will vary based on the project.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have!