In Our Nature

Native Plant Landscapes


We design natural, low maintenance landscapes that are not only beautiful, but support a diverse population of pollinators, songbirds and other beneficial wildlife. Our designs embrace native plants, work with nature and therefore require less maintenance than conventional gardens.

In a time of declining biodiversity, your garden has the potential to become a safe haven for native bees, butterflies, songbirds and more.


Native Plant Design


Native Plant Consulting


Custom Meadow Design


What Is Different About In Our Nature?

  • We use 100% native plants to provide habitat for pollinators and other beneficial wildlife.

  • Our designs work with nature to reduce maintenance in your garden over time

  • We use hand-picked, locally sourced native plants to provide you with the best quality plant material

  • We strictly avoid the use of pesticides, fertilizers or other environmentally harmful chemicals

  • We balance the needs of our clients, their gardens and the environment

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