In Our Nature

Ecological Landscape Design ~ Native Plant Nursery


We create gardens and landscapes that are not only beautiful, but support a variety of beneficial wildlife such as pollinators and songbirds. Our designs focus on using native plants and working with nature to reduce maintenance in your garden.

In Our Nature envisions a future where our landscapes are designed to support humans and wildlife alike. It all starts with your garden.


Native Plant Design


Ecological Landscape Consulting


Custom Meadow Design


What Is Different About In Our Nature?

  • We specialize in native plants which provide habitat for pollinators and other beneficial wildlife.

  • Our designs work with nature to reduce maintenance in your garden over time

  • We use hand-picked, locally sourced native plants to provide you with the best quality plant material

  • We strictly avoid the use of pesticides, fertilizers or other environmentally harmful chemicals

  • We balance the needs of our clients, their gardens and the environment

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