At In Our Nature we believe that your garden can be so much more than just beautiful. That’s why our designs start with a foundation of native plants which are not only beautiful but also contribute to a healthy environment. By choosing native plants and working with nature, we can turn your garden into a beautiful, low maintenance haven for yourself and nature.


Native Plant Gardens


Native Plant Consulting


Custom Meadow Design


Edible Landscapes


Invasive Species Removal

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Why choose In Our Nature?

  • You want your garden to be more than just beautiful, but also support wildlife such as pollinators and songbirds

  • You understand the importance of bringing nature back into our modern lives and want to start with your garden

  • You want to reduce the maintenance it takes to keep your garden looking nice

  • We work closely with you to meet your needs and those of the environment

  • We hand pick our plants from local, sustainable native plant suppliers