Now, more than ever, we need to rethink the way we design our gardens and green spaces.

As we face environmental challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change and urban sprawl, it is crucial that we turn to our gardens to help reverse these trends.

Chances are, you have never thought that solutions to these problems can be found in your own backyard. However, if we work with nature in the garden, we can empower ourselves to create positive environmental change in our own backyards.

Planting with a purpose

Typically, lawns and gardens have existed and been designed to serve one purpose: to look beautiful. Landscapers and gardeners often favor ornamental plants from Asia or Europe over the plants which are native to their own area without thinking of the ecological consequences.

The use of exotic plants spells detrimental effects for earths biodiversity ( the plants and animals which have evolved in our area), because exotic plants are not able to support beneficial wildlife such as bees, butterflies and songbirds. When we push biodiversity out of our backyards, we lose the ecological services that they bring to our ecosystems.

Why care about backyard biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the sum of all of our native plant and animal species. These species work together to create resilient ecosystems which support life on earth. They clean our air and water, buffer severe weather such as floods, create fertile soil for farming and much much more.

By choosing a diverse selection of native plants, we In Our Nature will create and design low maintenance, resilient and dynamic ecosystems in your backyard which contribute to a healthy environment.

Garden for Change

In Our Nature envisions a future where our landscapes are designed to not only be beautiful, but support a diverse population of pollinators, songbirds and other beneficial wildlife. Our gardens have the ability to clean our water and air, buffer extreme weather, protect biodiversity and, of course, look beautiful. All we have to do to reap these benefits is garden with nature and choose native plants that support these functions

Lets work together to bring nature back into our yards to improve human, wildlife and overall environmental health.