What does it mean to plant with a purpose?

Our modern world is undoubtedly an urbanized one. Developers are quick to fulfill our need for infrastructure but continually fail to recognize our need for nature. As natural areas give way to suburbia, many species are being pushed to extinction and ecosystem services, such as clean air/water, are being lost. This is a serious threat to humanity because whenever we loose a natural area and its plants/animals, we weaken the planets ability to support life, including ours!

Fortunately, the solution to this environmental crisis can be found in your own backyard.

Traditionally, suburban yards are planted with non-native ornamental plants(think Boxwoods and Hostas) and large expanses of lawn. Non-native ornamental plants, including lawn, provide very little value to humans beyond aesthetics and provide minimal value to wildlife, as they have not evolved to use these plants. On the other hand, choosing native plants for our gardens provides beneficial wildlife with food and shelter, provides ecosystem services to our communities and re-connects us with nature.

It is time we acknowledged that humanity can co-exist with nature, even in the middle of suburbia!

In Our Nature envisions a future where our landscapes are designed to not only be beautiful, but support a diverse population of pollinators, songbirds and other beneficial wildlife. Our gardens have the ability to clean our water and air, buffer extreme weather, protect biodiversity and, of course, look beautiful. It starts with choosing native plants, reducing lawn and eliminating pesticides/fertilizers. It’s planting with a purpose!

All of our gardens are designed with your needs and the needs of our environment in mind.