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Coming Spring 2020!

Starting spring 2020 we will have a selection of Ontario native plants for sale. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions or even plant requests. See you in the spring!

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The following Ontario native plants are some of our top picks to use in our clients’ gardens. Read on to discover the beauty, and wildlife value, that each plant can bring to your garden! They are organized by bloom time.

Early Season

Large Flowered Bellwort -  Uvularia grandiflora

Large Flowered Bellwort - Uvularia grandiflora

White Trillium -  Trillium grandiflorum

White Trillium - Trillium grandiflorum

Wild Geranium -  Geranium maculatum

Wild Geranium - Geranium maculatum

Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis

Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis

Marsh Marigold -  Caltha palustris

Marsh Marigold - Caltha palustris

Wild Strawberry -  Fragaria virginiana

Wild Strawberry - Fragaria virginiana

Golden Alexander -  Zizia aurea

Golden Alexander - Zizia aurea

Wild Columbine -  Aquilegia canadensis

Wild Columbine - Aquilegia canadensis