We believe that landscapes/gardens should be designed to not only be beautiful, but support a diverse population of pollinators, songbirds and other beneficial wildlife.

Our designs differ to conventional landscapers because we work with nature, not against it, to achieve a landscape that works for you and nature.

Our gardens are targeted to homeowners and organizations who are looking to improve local environmental health, reduce maintenance costs of their landscape (lawn or garden) and beautify their yard and community.

Popular designs include:

  • Meadow & Prairie Gardens

  • Woodland(shade) Gardens

  • Pollinator/wildlife gardens 

  • Natural Snow Fences

  • Rain Gardens

How We Do It:

  • We use 100% native plants for a variety of reasons

  • We hand-pick locally sourced, native plants to provide you with the best quality materials

  • We strictly avoid the use of pesticides, fertilizers or other environmentally harmful chemicals

  • We balance the needs of our clients, their gardens and the environment

Next Steps:

1) Once contacted for a consult, we will meet with you at your site to discuss goals and desires. This will also allow us to better understand the landscape we are dealing with. Consult fees are $85 plus mileage and normally last about an hour. This fee is refunded if you sign a design contract with us. Post-consult, we will present you with a quote for the work discussed (please allow at least 24hrs to receive quote).

2) Should you choose to sign a design contract with us, we will require a 50% deposit prior to start date. This is to cover material costs such as plants. We are able to take care of all aspects of the job from site preparation, material delivery and planting. We design our gardens on-site which allows us to better match the design to the site and make last minute adjustments.

3) After the job is complete we are always available to answer questions. We may ask to check up on your garden later in the season/year to make sure all is going to plan.

Whether its a small lawn or a large city lot, we can provide you with the right design to suit the needs of you and the environment.