Wildflower meadows are quickly becoming a popular choice among those who want beautiful, eco-friendly, low maintenance alternatives to lawn. Our wildflower meadows are designed with a strong focus on the needs of our clients, the environment and aesthetics.

In Our Nature custom meadow design includes:

  • Site Assessment ($85 per hour consult fee (+ mileage if more than 30 minutes from Orangeville) which acts as a credit towards your project should you choose to work with us)

  • Site preparation and planting/sowing

  • Custom made management plan to ensure the success of your new meadow

Read on to discover the benefits of a custom designed wildflower meadow by In Our Nature:

 Lawn V.S. Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower Meadows

  • Low maintenance once a year mowing once established

  • Zero chemical inputs and very low water inputs

  • Supports lots of biodiversity including butterflies and songbirds

  • Beautiful, dynamic landscape which changes colours with the seasons


  • High maintenance weekly mowing

  • High (and expensive) inputs of water, fertilizers and pesticides

  • Supports almost zero biodiversity

  • Green for half the year, brown for the rest

Our wildflower meadows are designed specifically to your desires and site conditions, while considering the needs of the environment too. Perfect for beekeepers, property owners, nature lovers, farmers and anyone who is tired of taking care of their lawn! Please note that a well-designed meadow can take a few years to properly establish, but the results are truly worth it!

Lets get in touch and discuss your future meadow!