Sanguinaria canadensis

The delicate white flowers of Bloodroot emerge in early spring before the leaves fully emerge. Bloodroot makes a great native ground cover for any wildlife friendly garden!

Habitat: Rich, deciduous woods. Grows best in moist, well drained soil in shady areas. Benefits from a layer of leaf litter.

Blooms: White flowers in early spring.

Height: 6 - 12 in

Light: Shade to part shade

Moisture: Moist, well drained

Soil: Hummus rich, loam

Companions: Does well with other woodland plants with delicate foliage such as ferns, sedges or Baneberry.

Propagation: Plant seeds immediately after ripening. Divide Bloodroot in spring/fall. Seeds are naturally spread by ants.

Wildlife Value: Early food source for native pollinators.