In Our Nature is a native plant landscape design company who specializes in bringing nature back into our yards and gardens. We design and build low maintenance landscapes that are not only beautiful, but support a diverse population of songbirds, pollinators and other beneficial wildlife.

Our designs focus on native plants and mimic natural processes in the garden. By doing so in your garden, we can greatly reduce routine garden maintenance needed, contribute to a healthy environment, create habitat for pollinators and other wildlife, all the while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look.

We want to inspire people to move away from environmentally harmful gardening practices and embrace yards which are full of lifebeauty and purpose. Feel free to browse our services and discover the joys of making a place for nature in your backyard.

Why Do We Only Use Native Plants?

As human development expands across the globe, many wildlife species are losing habitat and being driven to extinction. We adorn our suburbs and cities with non-native ornamental plants and large expanses of lawn. Non-native ornamental plants, including lawn, provide very little value to wildlife as they have not evolved to use these plants. As we replace our native flora and fauna from our cities, we reduce the ecosystems ability to support human and non-human life alike.

Part of the solution to this problem can be found in your own backyard. By choosing native plants in your garden and landscapes, you can help provide much needed habitat for songbirds, pollinators and other beneficial wildlife.

Are We The Right Fit For You?

We believe so if:

  • You want your garden to be a sanctuary for wildlife such as bees, butterflies and songbirds

  • You want a low maintenance landscape which works for you

  • You want a pesticide free landscape to protect your families health

  • You believe your garden can play an important role in creating a healthy environment

  • You want to break free from boring, “cookie-cutter” landscapes and discover gardens inspired by nature